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Spray Foam Insulation in Memphis, Jackson, Greenwood

Contractor applying spray foam in an attic

Power and Protection Services's technicians are fully trained to ensure proper spray foam installation in Mississippi, Tennessee, & Arkansas.

Power and Protection Services provides spray foam insulation, making Mississippi, Tennessee, & Arkansas homes more energy efficient. Our products offer superior thermal performance, driven by innovative minds and premium quality components. If you're considering insulating your attic with spray foam, contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate for spray foam insulation in Memphis, Jackson, Greenwood, or surrounding areas.

Benefits of spray foam insulation

Spray foam offers many advantages over other types of insulation:

  • Complete coverage: SPF expands to fill gaps and cracks, resulting in fewer drafts and even temperatures throughout your home.
  • Noise reduction: Open-cell spray foam can muffle sounds inside and outside your home.
  • Better air quality: SPF's air sealing properties help minimize the entrance of allergens and pollutants into your home.
  • Superior performance: SPF won't absorb moisture, grow mold, settle, or fall out of place like fiberglass batts. SPF is also superior to foam board for insulating around obstructions and in hard-to-reach areas.

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The average household spends over 40% of its energy budget on cooling and heating costs each year. Much of that budget goes to heating and cooling air escaping through windows, doors, cracks, and crevices. Spray foam insulation is an excellent product because it seals a home by expanding to fill walls, crawls, attics, and exposed cracks and crevices. This is one of the best attic insulation methods available.

What are the types of spray foam?

Air sealing an attic with spray foam

Spray foam is excellent for sealing gaps, holes, and around HVAC equipment in attics.

There are two basic types of spray foam that we use for insulating attics:

1-part foam: You've seen and probably used this type of spray foam, which comes in pressurized cans sold at home centers and hardware stores under brand names like GREAT STUFF™. This single-component foam is super-sticky and expands at different rates (depending on the type you buy) immediately after application. Since it seals gaps and insulates, this product is often called an "insulating foam sealant."

2-part foam: To insulate an entire basement or attic with spray foam, contractors use 2-part polyurethane foam in a pair of pressurized metal containers. When both components (resin and a catalyst) are mixed at the nozzle, a foaming chemical reaction causes the material to expand.

Why hire a professional for spray foam installation?

Tricky Application: It takes experience to get the feel of applying spray foam, especially two-part foams. Their different expansion rates and other qualities make it difficult for someone without experience to get the most out of this material. For example, a high-expanding foam will damage a door or window jamb, but our training and experience can prevent this. Oftentimes, spray foam can also be wasted and get messy -- but our fully trained specialists know how to get the job done well the first time!

Temperature sensitive: Cold temperatures affect the chemistry that causes the foaming action. For a successful application, it's critical to keep spray foam cans or two-part foam canisters within a specific temperature range.

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