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JellyFish Lighting Installation in Memphis, Jackson, Greenwood

Permanent Outdoor Lighting for Every Occasion

Everyone can appreciate how nice a home looks with exterior lighting, but they seldom love the process of hanging it up. This is especially true during the holiday season when the weather is less than ideal, or you have more important things to do.

To solve this, treat your home to a set of JellyFish Lighting, the permanent outdoor lighting solution that never goes out of season. You can change your lighting display's timing, colors, and duration as often as you want. Such versatility is what makes JellyFish Lighting perfect for every occasion.

Soffit Lighting with Jellyfish

JellyFish soffit lighting gives this home a nice, warm glow that compliments its appearance.

JellyFish Lighting Applications:

  • Accent lighting
  • Holiday and Christmas lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Game day lighting
  • Patio lighting
  • Commercial lighting

You can create your own presets for the lights or choose from a pre-programmed setting in the system. Once you select a scheme that accents your home's best features, set it to come on nightly at sunset or whenever you want them to kick on. Plus, they are linked with, so time changes are accurate and accounted for. With the calendar feature, you can schedule your display months in advance. This will make your transition into and out of holiday lighting a breeze.

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How JellyFish Lighting is Used on Mid-South Homes

While the location of your lighting matters greatly, so does the direction of it. JellyFish Lighting is a form of downlighting where the light comes from above, shining at the ground. On the other hand, many homes use uplighting, where the light source sits on the ground and shines up at the home. Using downlighting instead of uplighting can highlight your home or business in more attractive ways and appear less harsh.

Other Highlights of JellyFish Lighting:

  • Alexa Voice Enabled
  • Compatible with Google Home
  • Multiple Color Settings
  • Multiple Shades of White
  • Linked with for Accurate Timing
  • Programmable Timer & Calendar

Accent Lighting

Strategic placement of JellyFish lighting can highlight your favorite parts of your home or business, such as peaked roofs, chimneys, and columns. Depending on the color of your home, certain colors may look better as accents. Our lights also feature four different shades of white, allowing you to pick one perfectly cool or warm for your home's exterior.

Permanent Christmas/Holiday Lighting

Imagine never having to hang or store holiday lights on your home again. That can be your reality with JellyFish lighting. Due to the customizable nature of the lights, you have nearly endless options for your color scheme. Choose between 16 million colors and 102 presets already loaded into your system.

Security Lighting

Properly placed lighting is helpful in illuminating areas that your security cameras are focused on. Exterior lights can also discourage crime, such as burglaries, vandalism, trespassing, and package theft. These serve many purposes, not just aesthetics.

Game Day Lighting

Show your team spirit by setting your JellyFish lights to your favorite team's colors on game day! Proudly for your favorite in the Super Bowl or want to show your support for your child's school on the exterior of your home. If you have more than one game to watch that day and multiple teams to represent, program the lights to change at each game time!

Patio Lighting

JellyFish has three diodes per light, making them bright enough to be the primary light over your patio or outdoor living space. You can also dim the lights as little or as much as you want for complete control of your outdoor ambiance. Even better, the lights are discreet during the day, with no visible wires hanging down.

Commercial Lighting

Draw attention to your storefront with tastefully placed JellyFish lighting. Put it above your sign, along the eaves of the roof, or anywhere you want to highlight the best features of your business. The lights will draw the eye in and make customers notice you! Opt for plain white or coordinate colorful lights to accent your branding. As a bonus, outdoor lighting discourages criminal activity around your business and will illuminate problem spots covered by security cameras.

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